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Get Cash for Diabetic Test Strips: Hassle-Free Sale Online

Yes, as long as you are the legal owner of the strips and you are not acquiring them through Medicare; it is perfectly legal and safe to sell your test strips, lancets, lancing pens and glucose meters.   All items must have a minimum expiration date of at least 3 months out or longer. For short-dated items within 3-5 months of expiring, please use our item calculator for pricing.  Items that expire 6 months out are purchased at 50% of the published prices on our website.  Selling Diabetic Test Strips and other Diabetic supplies is an effective way to get cash for equipment you are no longer using.  

Please do not tear labels off, if you are concerned about information, please use a soft Sharpie Pen to gently cross out.  Boxes arriving with label damage will either be discounted or possibly not accepted.   All items arriving at our facility are inspected to ensure your personal information is removed prior to being redistributed.  All seals must be intact with no tampering and items must be in their original packaging. 

Rescue Test Strips buys unused diabetic supplies and redistributes them at an affordable cost to people that can’t afford them, or their insurance doesn’t fully cover the expenses of diabetic supplies.  By sending in your supplies you can get cash on the supplies you won’t be using, but you’ll also get a chance to help those in need.  To get cash for diabetic test strips, visit our website at . Follow the simple process of entering in your order or you can give us a call at 866-620-0053 and we can complete the order for you.  

Our process is fast and simple! All you need to do is gather the supplies you want to sell, organize them by date and condition. We calculate the prices for your supplies using our calculator form when you enter the quantities and brand type.  Confirm your label delivery and payment method to finalize your order.  You’ll get a confirmation email.  Using our label ship the supplies and you’re on your way to getting paid fast!  Getting money for test strips and lancets is an alternative to letting them expire without using them.  If your unused supplies are going to expire, get a quote from us. It would be ideal to sell them so you can actually get cash for strips and in return help, someone else who may not have insurance or simply can’t afford to buy them locally.   

Should you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-866-620-0053 or through our contact form.

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